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Jet Rescue Air Ambulance specializes in long-range air ambulance transports and is one of the most experienced air ambulance companies in the world. Thanks to the excellent quality of our services we have been chosen as a official providers for major insurance and assistance companies around the world.

Several years ago a group of doctors had a shared vision: to create a better International Air Ambulance Repatriation Service. They believed that very sick patients who need to be moved between hospitals should be attended by critical care specialists who could perform “physician only” procedures. From this vision, Jet Rescue was born.

Case Managers

We know that as a case manager, you handle hundreds of details daily, balancing your administrative duties with patient care. Managing every aspect of your patients’ care efficiently and appropriately is a top priority. We can help!


Family Members

Selecting the right air ambulance service can be one of the most difficult challenges you may ever face during your lifetime. Having an ill or injured loved one is already overwhelming, even without the added stress of managing the myriad of details needed for a successful air ambulance transport. At Jet Rescue Air ambulance, we can help. Every day, our flight coordinators arrange the safe transport of patients across the country and around the world.

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Travel Assistance Agent

Jet Rescue Air Ambulance in cooperation with various foreign governments and hospitals across the United States transport patients closer to home and family, this service not only links the patient to ongoing post-stabilization treatment, but reduces the hospital's un reimbursed costs.


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Discounted Flights

National and international air ambulance discounted flights.


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Medical equipment and Drug List

Medical Technology

Jet Rescue Air Ambulance has made large investments in the latest critical care transport equipment and aircraft modifications.We only use medical equipment that is is less than 4 years old.